A1. A pawn is a collateralized loan. To “pawn” an item means that you have intentions of coming back to pick up the item. When you pawn something, your personal credit is not a factor. The loan value is based upon the second hand worth of the item.

A2. Our pawn shop is unique in that we have outdoor space to take items other pawn shops are not able to take. We take all the normal items: jewelry, electronics, musical instruments, tools, coins, bullion, but we are also able to take 4-wheelers, trailers, golf carts, boats and the list goes on.

A3. A layaway is a tool to purchase higher priced merchandise that may otherwise not be affordable. You have heard that you can “eat a pie one bite at a time.” Our layaway is 10 months in length. You must put 10% down and pay at least 10% every month for 10 months. That simple.

A4. Absolutely, over our 34 years of doing business in the River Region we have developed a very loyal following of customers. We build a captive audience that simply enjoys dealing with us. People over the years have asked us for merchandise that we could not supply through pawn, and we have supplemented with the sale of new merchandise.